Connecting European Innovators

solving global challenges

Originally launched as part of the Netherlands’ EU Presidency, Ideas From Europe is a pan-European initiative to find business solutions to global challenges. 

Individual member states hold local competitions to identify the idea and innovator that will represent their country.

Innovators present their idea at the SME assembly.

The top 12 are supported to improve their reach, scale and impact.

As part of its EU Presidency, Malta will be launching the next search for European innovators.

Previous Innovators

Cécile Real - France


A non-invasive diagnosis tools for endometriosis, the mystery disease that affects180 million women and causes severe chronic pain and infertility.

Kenny Ewan - UK


A peer-to-peer service that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet and without having to leave their farm

Anita Schjollbrede - Norway

Iris AI

The AI designed to tap into, collate and make sense of scientific research, accelerating the development and deployment of breakthroughs

Dr Gerhard Dust


Building from the sand-up – enabling ordinary people to build their own home with local materials and unskilled labour

Micael Hermansson - Sweden


Gadget Of The Day (GOTD) – rekindling curiosity and creativity in learning making school truly the best years of one’s life

Stefania Druga - Romania


A global community of 40 local chapters that organise science, art and technology hands-on workshops for kids and parents.

Dr Nora Khaldi - Ireland


Unlocking the data in food – combining artificial intelligence and DNA analysis to discover active ingredients with scientifically proven health benefits

Lorenzo Pradella - Italy


Bio-inspired solutions for bone regeneration and load-bearing implants, treating severe fractures and extensive bone loss

Jos Joore - The Netherlands


Organ-on-a-Chip tissue models for evaluating drugs, chemicals and food components, preventing unnecessary side effects and improving efficacy

Pirkka Palomaki - Finland


Using IoT and big data to optimise the waste management process, transforming the financial, environmental and social impact of waste

Nathan Farrugia - Malta


Engaging the abilities of people with disabilities – business people disrupting their thinking and processes to create employment opportunities

Charalampos Ioannou - Greece


Reinventing Assistive Care – helping look after seniors and chronic patients by keeping caring circles in the loop

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