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reshaping business as usual

Business can be impactful and profitable

Business shapes the world we live in. It drives the products and services we use and consume. It impacts the economic and environmental wellbeing of communities.

In our view, business is also the endeavour through which we can fulfill our aspirations. An endeavour through which we connect with like-minded people. Where we can take on tough challenges and find great solutions. An endeavour that adds value. An endeavour that has meaning.

Strategic Leadership

People of character and companies with principles

We provide strategic leadership to a community of business leaders, investors and founders building businesses for a better future.

We help them navigate the relationship between who they are, the enterprises they are creating and the impact they have.

We integrate and align leadership, innovation. legacy and impact.

business is a force for good.  Get In Touch TO LEARN HOW.

Business vision & purpose

leadership & stewardship

principles & practices

PARITY in promotions

innovation research & strategy

VALUES based investing

Curated thought leadership

From Our Founder

The Story Behind AMANI™

Many businesses have pretty websites with compelling mission statements and values. But what do they actually do in practice? Here’s the beginning of the AMANI™ story and why we need to change business as usual.

business is a force for good. Get In Touch TO LEARN HOW.