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Business can be impactful and profitable

Business shapes the world we live in. It drives the products and services we use and consume. It impacts the economic and environmental wellbeing of the communities in which it operates.

In our view, business is also the endeavour through which we can fulfill our aspirations. An endeavour through which we connect with like-minded people. Where we can take on tough challenges and find great solutions. An endeavour that adds value. An endeavour that has meaning.

Charge Forward

A protocol that fuels people of character and companies with principles

AMANI CIRCLE connects the dots between purpose and profit. We create the link between what people aspire to, the enterprises they create and the impact they have.

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Impact

Our Specialties

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Business vision & purpose

leadership & stewardship

principles & practices

PARITY in promotions

innovation research & strategy

VALUES based investing

thought leadership


What We Can Do For You

We love the art and science of business. Using our proprietary protocol – AMANI™ – we help leaders, investors and entrepreneurs build tomorrow’s businesses.

Developed by studying the dynamics behind people and companies that gel and excel, AMANI™ leverages an emerging pattern of consumer, corporate and investor behaviour.

setting the scene

We help businesses explore their vision, challenges, needs, culture and organisational DNA

Research & strategy

We develop and execute tailor-made strategies that best-fit our clients’ needs and circumstances


We proactively identify and collaborate with innovators that complement and disrupt our clients’ businesses.


We work with future leaders, helping them develop and channel their capabilities and conduct.

From Our Founder

Do principles truly affect performance?

In order for a company to thrive, it needs to ensure the wellbeing and level of satisfaction with its stakeholders – investors, employees, suppliers and customers. Recent times have seen how bad conduct results in negative publicity, poor company image and a drop in share price. So should a company adopt ethical practices as a means of improving and securing a company’s economic performance?

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